Our Favorite Keyword Tools To Help Grow Your Business

Here at fresh tutorials our new aim is talking more about monetizing different ways to earn income online and through our tutorials we will help get that done.  As you read through this post we will link to different tools to help build any business in any niche.

There are quite a lot of keyword research tools that you can find out there, but which ones are the best for you? As always, it all comes down to your convenience but one thing is certain, using keyword research tools can be a very good experience and one that will pay off quite a lot. With that in mind, here are some of the best apps to use in this regard.


This is the best out there because it shows the competition bids as well as the keyword searches that you get on a monthly basis. It’s a reliable and very professional tool for sure and one that will definitely pay off if you want a high quality experience.


Thanks to this app you can get a variety of keywords which is great. This is not only for Google though, it can also be used for the App Store, Bing, Amazon and YouTube as well. This manages to provide you with some interesting options and that’s why you should try to check it out. Rest assured that using http://keywordtool.io/ is a blast and it’s indeed one of the most exciting things you can do here.


Ubersuggest does a very good job at finding keywords that you just can’t see in the keyword planner. It’s a reliable, professional tool and one that manages to deliver some exciting opportunities. If you are a fan of great keywords and want to use the best, this is maybe the ultimate choice.


WordStream has a very simple tool that’s light and professional, but which works seamlessly and delivers a very good value. You will love the stellar attention to detail that it provides and in the end that’s what matters the most. You can also focus on specific niches with this tool, which can come in handy very fast.


Long Tail Pro is not free, in fact it’s a paid app that can cost a little bit, but it does feature some of the best keywords out there. It’s focusing on long tail keywords that bring a very good efficiency and that’s why you should check it out right now, as it’s well worth the time investment for sure.


Another great and simple tool, this one is a part of a large suite and it works very well. It’s an amazing and interesting keyword app that you will love to use for sure. It’s designed to deliver a very good set of results and it’s also pretty easy to customize which is a plus.

If you want to find and harness the power of the best keywords out there, this is the best tool you can use. You should totally check them out if you want the best outcome and rest assured that these are some amazing tools that can definitely provide you with a solid result in the end!