Different Ways To Blog Keeping It Simple

blogging for fun

Blogging For Fun

Blogging is what peoples’ main focus to entertain others, to organize or describing events or to earn money (in most cases). According to the survey, 23% of the internet time is spent on blogs. It is basically an information or a description of a particular content being searched by the population over the internet. An important thing to remember about blogging is to target that audience who is searching such a content that is difficult to find on www.


In the late 1990’s, blogs were used to write on FTP or HTML but with the upgrades in the technology and web services, the main purpose nowadays is to write blogs to provide a unique content to readers. Another strategy played by some politicians at that time was to promote their political campaign.

How to create & start

There are multiple hosting domains that allow you to create a blog- both free or paid ones. Some famous free domains are WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger whereas the paid ones are GoDaddy, HostGator, Host monster, and Bluehost. If you are a newbie, a good way to start is to watch online tutorials about blogging as they will provide you with the best tips. After all the messy stuff, let’s come up to the point. Choose a good template, maintain your GUI, post whatever you are up to. Keep one thing in mind, attract the audience toward you. Remember! If you are seeking for a public post, read it thoroughly and just don’t hurt others.


The differentiation in the types of blogs depends on the way in which blog is written or going to appear. Some sorts of blogging are:


As the name suggests, the micro jobs are conducted through this. It is one of the simplest ways to link with others via posting little pictures, videos and mainly text over the internet. Public attraction is what the soul of microblogging. It is not just limited to communication. In business, public meetings are attended whereas celebrities use it to inform their followers about the upcoming serials, concerts or other related events. Facebook and twitter are basic microblogging platforms.

Corporate Blogging

Such blogs are typically non-public. An intercommunication within a particular group is set and is normally used for business purposes as well. Clubs often use it to transmit info among members so called corporate blogs.

Personal Blogging

One of the mostly written blogs is personal ones as they describe personal experience of an individual. You can create one of your own, or someone can create by himself/herself for you. Creating humor or a suspense is a good idea to start a personal blog. Don’t show lies and pay attention to the audience reviews about your blog too. Common practice is that you should interact with followers and your loved ones.

Reverse Blogging

An interesting technique of blogging is the reverse ones.  Many authors participate in the discussion.  Everyone is free to post here thus giving it a web forum look.


Since the population of the internet is being attracted towards blogging, so are the advertisers too. The advertisers have elevated the graph of blog users over the internet as it has become the source of earning online just by sitting at your home. For this, all you have to do is target the audience toward your blog.