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Live the Laptop Lifestyle Overseas

To live the laptop lifestyle overseas is not a dream. It is very much a definite possibility, if you can plan ahead and take advantage of the cheap cost of living in these countries.

Social Security may not be much these days, but it definitely is not a good idea to rely solely on social security.  There are many people living abroad after retirement, some before, who take advantage of cheap living and how far the dollar really can go. Josh Paiva is one of those people.  Josh has been working online since May 2002 and enjoys the lifestyle of travel and working abroad.

There are many people like Josh who enjoy working from their laptop and taking advantage of third world costs.  For example, if you were to live in Costa Rica which is relatively close to the US and has great medical resources your dollar will go three times as far then America for instance.

The idea is to extend your social security check to the maximum so as to explore new passions. Of course, reducing costs and budgeting would help to a certain extent. But, the thrill is to move overseas.  If you’re able to work online and also collect a social security check, it would be even better.  There are some countries where you would live extremely well just making 50K USD for instance.   If you were living in Thailand making 50K USD yearly, it would really be like making 150K to 200K in America or say Canada.

In many countries, the cost of living is so small that a Social Security check is more than enough to live a reasonably high lifestyle.

Although the social security payments averages around $1,335 per month, but in countries where a night out in town costs around $10, and an apartment rental around $300, the social security payments may be more than enough.

The idea is not even that unusual, and there are beautiful countries you can move to.

How much retirees spend, depends mainly on what lifestyle they want to live. Obviously, those who are extravagant will have a higher standard of living.

Although living abroad can be a new adventure coupled with the thrill of new cultures, be careful to not end up as an economic refugee. In other words, don’t become an expat stuck in a foreign land with no resources to return home.

We have combined a database of the best and relatively cheaper countries that you can retire to. The computation is based on first hand interviews with expats living overseas, cost of living and other related factors.  You must also note that there are more factors other than just the cost of living.

Expats and retirees should also make a checklist of what they are looking for in a place, they plan to settle in. If you don’t drive a car, ensure that the place you plan to settle has a decent public transportation. Alternately, if they have health problems, you will need to find a place (close to a metropolitan city) and where there is a decent health care.

If you are just looking for only, affordability then it is best you take a look at the seven below places.

  1. Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador – Third largest city, capital of the province of Azuay.

Many Americans live in Ecuador and they absolutely love it. Its throughout the year springtime, makes it one most affordable and best destinations for a retiree living on a budget.  This is one of Josh’s favorite places to visit because he really enjoys the surf and has friends living in Ecuador.  He works from his laptop maybe 4 hours per day enjoyed the rest of his day with friends and family.

Situated near the equator and just above sea level, Ecuador has a mid-seventy temperature most of the year round. Expat communities thrive in this country, Ecuador has beautiful mountains and well-developed amenities such as health-care and transportation with good tourist locales to visit.

Ecuador has been rated as the best retirement destination in the world six times in the last seven years due to its exceptional and affordable cost of living, in International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index.

Cost of living for two people would be around $1,500 and $1,700 per month with the rentals of an unfurnished apartment around $500 per month.

With a cost of living index score of 90, Ecuador is one of the best choices for budget retirement.

  1. Guatemala

Beautiful pier at Lake Peten - Guatamela
Beautiful pier at Lake Peten – Guatamela

Guatemala is not as developed as other places in Central America such as Panama or Costa Rica. However, it makes up by its cheap, farm-fresh produce and warm weather makes it easy to enjoy a healthy retirement year round.

Land is also very affordable, according to expats who live in Guatemala. A plot of land large enough to build a home along the river could cost about $7,000. But, properties on higher ground could cost between $30,000 and $40,000.

According to International Living, the rents range anywhere between $200 to $700 per month for a fully furnished villa.

Cost of living for two people averages around $1,500 or less per month.

With a cost of living index score of 91, Guatemala is the perfect choice for expat retirees.

  1. Colombia

Antioquia Columbia
Antioquia Columbia

Colombia is an ideal choice for many reasons.  It is inexpensive and it is close to home [America]. This means that family and friends are never that far away. Situated at the tip of South America it not only has beautiful coasts but also mountain peaks.

Depending on the size of apartment, rents range from $400 to $800 per month. Cost of living is even lower for those who have their own property.

Cost of living for two people averages anywhere around $1,200 and $1,700 per month.

With a cost of living index score of 92, Colombia is an ideal getaway for expat communities.

  1. Costa Rica

Beach Nicoya Costa Rica
Beach Nicoya Costa Rica

Costa Rica if the place for nature lovers.

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is, in short, a beautiful paradise. A drive from the coast and you are in the green hills that give way to mountains.  Little surprising that this gorgeous place has seen a boom in eco-tourism.

A very happy nation, it does lack the bustling cities, it makes up with its greenery.

Here, a condo can cost anywhere between $500 to $900, while a luxury three bedroom home can be anywhere between $500 to $1,500. Throw in an additional $200 per month and you can get a full-time maid/ gardener.

Cost of living for two people averages anywhere around $1,400 and $2,000 per month.

With a cost of living index score of 94, Costa Rica is an ideal getaway for nature lovers.

  1. Nicaragua

Ddowntown Managua - Nicaragua
Ddowntown Managua – Nicaragua

Coming in second place, with a cost of living score of 98, Nicaragua is also among the most affordable countries.

The largest country in Central America, it is slowly becoming a tourist hub, thanks to its stunning Pacific coastline and languid beaches. Besides, thanks to the dearth of foreigners, real estate remains cheap here.

Retirees should be able to set themselves up with a nice home for a fraction of what it would cost not just in the United States but also in many other budget destinations.

A retired couple can live with a retirement of around $1,200 a month (according to International Living). The costs include rent (which is about $400 per month) and walking distance from the beaches. Besides, eating out costs less than $10 per dish.

Nicaragua has an enviable cost of living (COI) index of 98, and is the ideal getaway for nature lovers.

  1. Cambodia

Angkor Wat Cambodia
Angkor Wat Cambodia

Cambodia had the lowest cost of living according to the 2016 Annual Global Retirement Index.

For starters, it is cheap. Your social security check should be able to cover all of your needs. It also boasts a burgeoning expat scene.

However, Cambodia has its rough spots. The unpotable tap water, and a weak health care system makes it difficult for the old boys. Furthermore, airfare is also costly. It is not the place where you can retire for the sun and sand with the occasional round of golf with the boys. However, it is the ideal adventure spot for the younger and healthier generation.

According to expats who live in Cambodia, apartment rentals in nice areas are available for $350 a month or as little as $120 a month. Food is also very cheap. A restaurant meal can cost $2.50 to $15.

Language can also be a barrier for expats, as well as the distance from the U.S.

With the cost of living for two people ranging between $1,000 and $1,500 per month, and a cost of living index score of 100, Cambodia is the perfect getaway.

  1. Panama

Downtown Panama City Skyscrapers, Panama
Downtown Panama City Skyscrapers, Panama

Panama sort of has it all, it is as simple as that.

Not far from the United States, Panama City’s airport is one of the continent’s major hubs and an easy point of departure to anywhere. Panama’s cosmopolitan capital, Panama City, is the only true first world-class city in Central America. The city itself is a bustling, modern metropolis with the options for art, culture and dining that come with that.

It is also convenient for expats from the U.S., because the currency is the U.S. Dollar. You will find tennis, golf, fishing, sailing, fishing, birding, and every other activity imaginable—with the exception, of course, of snow skiing.

A well-developed, modern country, Panama offers pretty much any of the services you could find back home. Superb health and amenity facilities with capable doctors nearby.  It also has a lush, jungle country that offers gorgeous scenery and your choice of two coastlines with plenty of adventure.

Panama is not just affordable. Thanks to the government’s Pensionado program, anyone who comes in with a pension of at least $1,000 per month gets a whole series of government benefits (including residency) designed to make life easier and cheaper.

In short, if you cannot choose from the above list, choose Panama.

Panama is not the cheapest country but a couple can live well here for anywhere between $1,700 and $2,500 per month, all-inclusive. It is one of the few places that gives you the best value for your money.

If you daydream about sunshine, tropical beaches, modern metropolis, and welcoming locals, then Panama may be for you.

With a cost of living index score of 100, Panama is the perfect getaway for Americans.

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