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Live the Laptop Lifestyle Overseas

To live the laptop lifestyle overseas is not a dream. It is very much a definite possibility, if you can plan ahead and take advantage of the cheap cost of living in these countries.

Social Security may not be much these days, but it definitely is not a good idea to rely solely on social security.  There are many people living abroad after retirement, some before, who take advantage of cheap living and how far the dollar really can go. Josh Paiva is one of those people.  Josh has been working online since May 2002 and enjoys the lifestyle of travel and working abroad.

There are many people like Josh who enjoy working from their laptop and taking advantage of third world costs.  For example, if you were to live in Costa Rica which is relatively close to the US and has great medical resources your dollar will go three times as far then America for instance.

The idea is to extend your social security check to the maximum so as to explore new passions. Of course, reducing costs and budgeting would help to a certain extent. But, the thrill is to move overseas.  If you’re able to work online and also collect a social security check, it would be even better.  There are some countries where you would live extremely well just making 50K USD for instance.   If you were living in Thailand making 50K USD yearly, it would really be like making 150K to 200K in America or say Canada.

In many countries, the cost of living is so small that a Social Security check is more than enough to live a reasonably high lifestyle.

Although the social security payments averages around $1,335 per month, but in countries where a night out in town costs around $10, and an apartment rental around $300, the social security payments may be more than enough.

The idea is not even that unusual, and there are beautiful countries you can move to.

How much retirees spend, depends mainly on what lifestyle they want to live. Obviously, those who are extravagant will have a higher standard of living.

Although living abroad can be a new adventure coupled with the thrill of new cultures, be careful to not end up as an economic refugee. In other words, don’t become an expat stuck in a foreign land with no resources to return home.

We have combined a database of the best and relatively cheaper countries that you can retire to. The computation is based on first hand interviews with expats living overseas, cost of living and other related factors.  You must also note that there are more factors other than just the cost of living.

Expats and retirees should also make a checklist of what they are looking for in a place, they plan to settle in. If you don’t drive a car, ensure that the place you plan to settle has a decent public transportation. Alternately, if they have health problems, you will need to find a place (close to a metropolitan city) and where there is a decent health care.

If you are just looking for only, affordability then it is best you take a look at the seven below places.

  1. Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador – Third largest city, capital of the province of Azuay.

Many Americans live in Ecuador and they absolutely love it. Its throughout the year springtime, makes it one most affordable and best destinations for a retiree living on a budget.  This is one of Josh’s favorite places to visit because he really enjoys the surf and has friends living in Ecuador.  He works from his laptop maybe 4 hours per day enjoyed the rest of his day with friends and family.

Situated near the equator and just above sea level, Ecuador has a mid-seventy temperature most of the year round. Expat communities thrive in this country, Ecuador has beautiful mountains and well-developed amenities such as health-care and transportation with good tourist locales to visit.

Ecuador has been rated as the best retirement destination in the world six times in the last seven years due to its exceptional and affordable cost of living, in International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index.

Cost of living for two people would be around $1,500 and $1,700 per month with the rentals of an unfurnished apartment around $500 per month.

With a cost of living index score of 90, Ecuador is one of the best choices for budget retirement.

  1. Guatemala

Beautiful pier at Lake Peten - Guatamela
Beautiful pier at Lake Peten – Guatamela

Guatemala is not as developed as other places in Central America such as Panama or Costa Rica. However, it makes up by its cheap, farm-fresh produce and warm weather makes it easy to enjoy a healthy retirement year round.

Land is also very affordable, according to expats who live in Guatemala. A plot of land large enough to build a home along the river could cost about $7,000. But, properties on higher ground could cost between $30,000 and $40,000.

According to International Living, the rents range anywhere between $200 to $700 per month for a fully furnished villa.

Cost of living for two people averages around $1,500 or less per month.

With a cost of living index score of 91, Guatemala is the perfect choice for expat retirees.

  1. Colombia

Antioquia Columbia
Antioquia Columbia

Colombia is an ideal choice for many reasons.  It is inexpensive and it is close to home [America]. This means that family and friends are never that far away. Situated at the tip of South America it not only has beautiful coasts but also mountain peaks.

Depending on the size of apartment, rents range from $400 to $800 per month. Cost of living is even lower for those who have their own property.

Cost of living for two people averages anywhere around $1,200 and $1,700 per month.

With a cost of living index score of 92, Colombia is an ideal getaway for expat communities.

  1. Costa Rica

Beach Nicoya Costa Rica
Beach Nicoya Costa Rica

Costa Rica if the place for nature lovers.

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is, in short, a beautiful paradise. A drive from the coast and you are in the green hills that give way to mountains.  Little surprising that this gorgeous place has seen a boom in eco-tourism.

A very happy nation, it does lack the bustling cities, it makes up with its greenery.

Here, a condo can cost anywhere between $500 to $900, while a luxury three bedroom home can be anywhere between $500 to $1,500. Throw in an additional $200 per month and you can get a full-time maid/ gardener.

Cost of living for two people averages anywhere around $1,400 and $2,000 per month.

With a cost of living index score of 94, Costa Rica is an ideal getaway for nature lovers.

  1. Nicaragua

Ddowntown Managua - Nicaragua
Ddowntown Managua – Nicaragua

Coming in second place, with a cost of living score of 98, Nicaragua is also among the most affordable countries.

The largest country in Central America, it is slowly becoming a tourist hub, thanks to its stunning Pacific coastline and languid beaches. Besides, thanks to the dearth of foreigners, real estate remains cheap here.

Retirees should be able to set themselves up with a nice home for a fraction of what it would cost not just in the United States but also in many other budget destinations.

A retired couple can live with a retirement of around $1,200 a month (according to International Living). The costs include rent (which is about $400 per month) and walking distance from the beaches. Besides, eating out costs less than $10 per dish.

Nicaragua has an enviable cost of living (COI) index of 98, and is the ideal getaway for nature lovers.

  1. Cambodia

Angkor Wat Cambodia
Angkor Wat Cambodia

Cambodia had the lowest cost of living according to the 2016 Annual Global Retirement Index.

For starters, it is cheap. Your social security check should be able to cover all of your needs. It also boasts a burgeoning expat scene.

However, Cambodia has its rough spots. The unpotable tap water, and a weak health care system makes it difficult for the old boys. Furthermore, airfare is also costly. It is not the place where you can retire for the sun and sand with the occasional round of golf with the boys. However, it is the ideal adventure spot for the younger and healthier generation.

According to expats who live in Cambodia, apartment rentals in nice areas are available for $350 a month or as little as $120 a month. Food is also very cheap. A restaurant meal can cost $2.50 to $15.

Language can also be a barrier for expats, as well as the distance from the U.S.

With the cost of living for two people ranging between $1,000 and $1,500 per month, and a cost of living index score of 100, Cambodia is the perfect getaway.

  1. Panama

Downtown Panama City Skyscrapers, Panama
Downtown Panama City Skyscrapers, Panama

Panama sort of has it all, it is as simple as that.

Not far from the United States, Panama City’s airport is one of the continent’s major hubs and an easy point of departure to anywhere. Panama’s cosmopolitan capital, Panama City, is the only true first world-class city in Central America. The city itself is a bustling, modern metropolis with the options for art, culture and dining that come with that.

It is also convenient for expats from the U.S., because the currency is the U.S. Dollar. You will find tennis, golf, fishing, sailing, fishing, birding, and every other activity imaginable—with the exception, of course, of snow skiing.

A well-developed, modern country, Panama offers pretty much any of the services you could find back home. Superb health and amenity facilities with capable doctors nearby.  It also has a lush, jungle country that offers gorgeous scenery and your choice of two coastlines with plenty of adventure.

Panama is not just affordable. Thanks to the government’s Pensionado program, anyone who comes in with a pension of at least $1,000 per month gets a whole series of government benefits (including residency) designed to make life easier and cheaper.

In short, if you cannot choose from the above list, choose Panama.

Panama is not the cheapest country but a couple can live well here for anywhere between $1,700 and $2,500 per month, all-inclusive. It is one of the few places that gives you the best value for your money.

If you daydream about sunshine, tropical beaches, modern metropolis, and welcoming locals, then Panama may be for you.

With a cost of living index score of 100, Panama is the perfect getaway for Americans.

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Whether you’re living off social security or you’re a professional online marketer working from home like Josh. You can live very well overseas.  The sky really is the limit.  It is never too late to learn different internet marketing strategies to make money from home working just few short hours per week.  There are many ways you can utilize different viral marketing techniques to make a very good income on social media alone.

There are many choices where you can live because most of these places have WIFI connection and are very safe.  It is never too late if you are looking to learn how to market online, or make money online.

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ICO, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency… What’s It All Mean?

initial coin offerings

Preliminary Coin Offering (ICO) is a device that draws in financial investment technique which is increasing its popularity with the firms. The ICO System is frequently expanding; according to the report of Coindesk which was reported in June explains that, initially of the summer, the blockchain projects had actually attracted around $327 millions by utilizing ICO method. Which was much more than the amount invested by the endeavor investors ($ 295 million over the very same duration).

Anyhow, the authorities of numerous countries have not yet chose their care about it, and also some major states have actually already begun to ban the ICO. We will certainly inform you just how to get this procedure through material marketing.


1. The news on renowned ICO Calendars:

The initial method is to be taken by the ICO organizers to discuss their ICO info regarding the upcoming launch of symbols on unique calendar websites. There are so many sources where you can release a schedule of your prepared ICO as well as you can also look for them too. If you are using any type of prominent blockchain technology such as Ethereum for the ICO, you can Google for schedules to make your task worked on them.

Here we have provided few of ICO schedules:


If you check out other popular schedules, you will certainly be able to see lots of tasks which have posted their details. Also you will see many ICO’s post project give you updates. For example ETN gives a weekly Electroneum Update on their sites and social media.

2. Inspecting the Passion: Publications in Expert Areas

ICO calendars are the great means to promote your task. But it will not offer the immediate comments to the people and it will not clarify just how does it work. So in this case, the 2nd choice is better, due to the fact that the ICO promo will be introduced and their web links will be shared in social media networks and also communities.

There is no demand of obtaining trapped between the spam, so you will certainly have to make the expert strategy with the specialist communities.

Right here are just a few of them:

Specialized Forums:

The most popular one is none aside from Bitcointalk, where all the ICO projects run. Coindelite forum is also an area where you can discuss about your ICO as well as you can additionally promote them.

Thematic subreddits:

Here you can post the posts of your ICO as well as allow individuals review it.

Quora conversation:

Quora is additionally among the good community, where you can discuss your project with the people. Below cryptocurrency, the blockchain, ICO discussions happen as general.

LinkedIn expert groups:

LinkedIn is a system, where you obtain professional individuals. So it would be an advantage to promote your ICO on LinkedIn given that you can develop groups below.

Facebook groups:

Facebook is a huge social networks which has billions of customers, it is additionally a platform where there are expert teams which go over ICO, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and so on

3. Indigenous Marketing, General Subject Media, as well as Blogs:

After revealing on the calendar sites, discussion forums as well as on social networks, you ought to begin working on the on-line media, there are many options offered right here, to start with, you will certainly require to have a blog to publish the information, press release, and detail concerning your service. The medium system is selected for this purpose.

On one side sending journalism release to the media is not a poor idea. On the other side, the variety of new blockchain start-ups and the number of ICO is enhancing day by day. So in the future, we can not also anticipate whether we might obtain the totally free platform to promote or not.

In this instance, if you are dealing with the media on the cryptocurrency subject, you should likewise hold some budget to promote your content. On prominent foreign media, the price may go across 10 thousand dollars. This is one of the drawbacks of indigenous marketing.

The reality is, blockchains not only make use of crypto start-ups yet it makes use of jobs from even more familiar service locations such as electronic marketing, etc. So due to this, the rate of on the internet media in the cryptocurrency section may come to be useless. In this situation, it is more useful to post the articles and also publish the comments. Because it can be checked out by many customers.

At the end, you require to attempt whatever

Analysis of methods that advertise ICO from magazines which are released on media as well as blog sites on calendars and social networks – programs that preferred ICO groups use every little thing. It needs extra effort, so you need to plan a campaign promotion beforehand: relating to the statements, social networks, columns as well as definitions for media as well as blog sites at the very least prior to 2-3 months.

Content Advertising and marketing is an excellent method to promote your ICO.

The Various Ways Of Increasing Your Site Ranking

The Various Ways Of Increasing Your Site Ranking

In this modern era, there are various development of technology especially internet. Currently, internet can be access all of circles from children, teenagers and adults. Children prefer to use internet to play game online or watch fairytale movie in YouTube. Teenagers and adults prefer to chat in social media like WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, line, BBM, have blog and do the online business. In this era, you can create the business without have the shop. You can utilize social media and site to do business which often people called online shop or you can make the blog. Blog is site that you can explore yourself and you can get income. In your blog, you can tell everything like you can write your daily story, make short story and etc. One of person who get the success by exploring the blog is Raditya Dika. The story that he publishes in the blog becomes hot topic and the next the story is made become a film and he is very famous now.

So, the people become interested and utilize social media and site to do business and make the blog to get income. But, the problem of utilization internet is site ranking that how many persons who interested in your site and search your site. There are the ways to solve the problem by increasing your site ranking. First, you can optimize seeker machine and is known as SEO. SEO is brilliant way to increase visitor in your site. SEO basic is optimize keyword and organize words in your content. In the keyword and your content need enter words based on the topic that you have been written.

That is often search by internet user. Don`t forget, you can use long keywords that consist of many syllables. Long keywords give opportunity the content and your site. Generally, long keywords consist of two until four syllables. Second, you need to focus your content in your site. You content must be interested, useful, update regularly and original. The example, you sell the product in your site that you should use the content about your product like brand, material and etc. You can write your site with simple words but that is interested. Third, you need link building.

A lot persons tell about your site or re-link or re-post your site in their site so your site will be popular and increasing your site ranking, To do link building, share your link site such as by doing directory bookmarking and social bookmarking in the sites like, twitter, Instagram, facebook, or exchange with the other blog. The last is relationship. If you utilize your site to online shop so relationship with the customer is very important besides brand. You should make the relation with the customer well. If the customers are happy relate by your business, they will be back to buy your product or service again. They can recommend your business in your site to the other persons that they are satisfied with your business. This method is proven to improve the sale and certain increasing your site ranking.

How is Viral Crypto Revenue?

What do you do when you are in a rush to get some money but you have no place to earn money. The best thing you need to try is finding MLM that you can find in the internet. There are many MLM you can choose from a company that has product line and short compensation plan until company that has no product line and complicated compensation plan.

There are many choices if you can find the best one. When you get the pattern and the best start, you will understand how to grow your business without thinking the pros and cons. There is always risk you need to take because we all know that we should have struggled or sacrificed a thing when we wish to be successful in the future with one thing. MLM indeed can be the answer and you have to choose it right. One of the best MLM you can choose is Viral Crypto. We cannot say it best of the best but just one of the best MLM.

The compensation plan is simple and you don’t need to sell things to grow your level. It is also important to know Viral Crypto Revenue to make sure that you can make your saving plan from now and measuring times to manage your MLM is this company. We all know that it will not be easy to see the details and the revenue plans of an MLM company because we should see the right thing before that. It will be the simplest thing when you know the way to analyze.

When you have joined to this MLM, you are supposed to know the compensation plan and the revenue process. The first thing to know is compensation plan. What is that and why do we need to know that? In every kind of MLM, you should know that it will be important to know this compensation plan because it is the guidance to see that you will do marketing well. The more you know, the more strategic way you will do when you have done understanding.

The compensation plan of this MLM is like you need to fulfill the position like 64 in total, and then you will get ease to recruit people. It means that when you have fulfilled the position in 5 lines, you need to ensure that every line you have already have had the people to recruit too because the matrix of this MLM is 2×5. It means that every member should have had 5 down lines.
Then after doing the recruitment, and ensure that the process is done, you will see that the revenue of your MLM will be able to be taken, the more lines you achieved the more revenue you will get. That is why you need to know the strategic way in recruiting people. It’s important for you to develop your own member area to get more advantages and benefit in your wallet. It will be easy when you have understood it well.

Approaches of Using Twitter for Marketing

using twitter for marketing

Do you sell products via online? Are you running online or retail stores of selling products on eBay? Internet marketing should be a component of your business plan, especially how to market products on Twitter.

When you market your product, you increase your earning potential. In the case of internet marketing, there are many successful approaches. Approaches including through articles, purchase advertising, banner exchange, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Using Twitter For Marketing

Yes, you have to carry out each step, but also consider non-conventional approaches, such as using Twitter for marketing.

Twitter is a social networking site. When you register for a free account, you can search for other users. You can then become a follower. Also, you can use exchange of contact information on online communities, such as Internet forums for using Twitter for marketing.

As stated earlier, Twitter is a social networking site. All kinds of posts are allowed, but expected social messages online, not advertising. This does not mean that you can not use Twitter as an internet marketing tool. This means you must take an intelligent approach how to market products on Twitter. As for how to do using Twitter for marketing:

Using Twitter For Marketing

  1. Ask for feedback. Provide a link and ask your followers to review the product concerned. Make them think it can help the environment and at an affordable price?

  2. Special promotional code. Even if you use affiliate links to generate revenue, you must provide a promotional code moneysaving. This offer applies to your members.

  3. Host contests and tweet about them. A great way how to market products on Twitter, to generate traffic to a website, including the website where the product is sold, is to offer something free. Is it a free sample or a contest, people love free stuff. Instead of advertising a product to sell, highlight a contest on your website. It will bring visitors to your online store. To increase sales, create a contest landing page filled with words of quality deals.

  4. Insert a personal message to your ads in using Twitter for marketing. As already mentioned, the use of the promotional code is a pretty good way how to market products on Twitter, not only increase sales and Web site traffic, but generate profits. Explain that you want to expand the offer to friends on Twitter because you want to help them save money. Private messages can reach the hearts of your readers.

  5. Use the @ replies. Mention the product you are selling is legitimate to do in Twitter, but the limit in the making. Do not send a message 10 times in a day which only highlights the product you are selling. Instead, try one day. Also, rely on the use of @ replies. You can reply to those who send updates or use

Using Twitter For Marketing – Conclusion

Key of using Twitter for marketing tool in the internet is to do it cleverly. Internet users tend to stay away from the ads, so get your ads in disguise. Actually there are many more things that you can do to maximize your income.

However, those are few of my articles about how to make money from the Internet for beginners. Thanks and it may be useful for you and thank you for visiting us.

Youtube Videos Help Affiliate Marketers Gain Ground

Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce which provides a wonderful opportunity for people to become an affiliate marketer. By becoming an affiliate marketer, you will get some privileges. First you can get Amazon gift cards, fee for each time closing deals, and discounts to get special products through your own referral. But the big challenge that you have conquered is to find ways to promote a product from Amazon with your referral. Actually, there are several ways that can be used. First build sites that are used specifically for the promotion. If you decide to build a website, then you need to understand the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization well. You can get total failure if you do not master the SEO well. Now look at the proposed building of an idea to look at the movement of a website in Google’s eyes.

market on youtube

Now we give easier advice to promote the website in a relatively easy way and you do not have to think about complex SEO. Youtube will give you a lot of easier things for you to promote any product from Amazon. You can create a marketing video for the purpose of promoting a particular product from Amazon. You simply slip your own referral so that buyers purchase that item through your links. Where is the challenge in using Youtube? The first challenge is to determine the products that have not existed on Youtube. Now you may be surprised to type “Buck hunting knife” in the searching field, immediately YouTube will display up to three hundred thousand search results. To increase the chances of success, you have to look for items that have not ever targeted by people at all. Does this kind of item exist? There must be. You can use some free tools that have ability to scrap ASIN automatically. Use iMacros with a script that will help you sort out the results of scrap and do a search directly through Youtube searching machine. You can sort the results based on the result of volume. Start to choose from the smallest number since you will use it to make the video.

Once you do the research keywords or items, you can create a marketing video for each product selected. Do you have a problem with making a video? Relax as you can make it easily. If you are a user of Microsoft Office 2010 or above, you will love to hear that you can make video through Microsoft Power Point. So to solve your problem, please purchase or download some templates that are provided to create a video. You can buy it from Fiverr or Blackhatworld forum. There are some sellers who will sell templates at very cheap prices.

Now use these templates and input critical data about the products you sell. You can take the specifications and key data from Amazon directly, or you take it from the web of the product. Both of them will not matter because you will not be considered as plagiarism. Now you need to maximize your on page SEO on your video. Tips from us is, do not ever use keyword stuffing technique in the description because Youtube does not like it. Create a description based on the product description. Enter the keyword and its derivatives to the tags.

Very Cool Ways To Earn Dollars With Your Computer

Nowadays, the amount of Internet users increases rapidly. It means that there are lots of opportunities for many people to earn money from the internet. Online business has become one of the great businesses today. Some online businesses could have fantastic monthly income. The amount of the income can be tens times higher than the salary of workers in an office. Perhaps, most of you would be tempted to start your own online business. If you are an expert online marketer, making money from the internet is not something difficult. But, if you are still a beginner you may still confused. At this time, I will help you to know how to make money from the internet.

1. Advertising Program in Website/Blog

Advertising space on your blog/website is one of the effective ways to earn money. Most blogs or websites in USA are listed in Google Adsense program. It is advertising program owned by Google that let the publisher to earn revenue from Google Adsense clicks in their blog. This program is called Pay Per Click (PPC). The publisher will be paid for every click made by website or blog visitors. The cost per click is already determined by the Advertiser. In addition to Google Adsense, there are several other companies that offer the opportunity for publishers to earn income from their sites, including:,, and

2. Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketers sell other people’s products and get a percentage commission from each sale. This type of business has been done by a lot of online businesses. You can follow affiliate program of,, or is a big online store in the world. The categories of products sold at this online store are various, ranging from economical to very expensive. There are books, refrigerator, digital cameras, TV, desk, desk, chair, toiletries, kitchen utensils, and even clothes.

3. Make Online Store

Online store is a virtual store where customers can buy products sold in the online store directly from the website. Today, there are many business people who already have their own online store. You can sell your own products or follow dropship reseller system. If you want to follow drop-shipping system, display the products online and immediately contact the supplier if there are customers who buy and transfer to your account. Disadvantages of dropship business is if the goods to be purchased by the customer did not exist, the transaction will not occur. That is why we must work together with suppliers who are competent and trustworthy.

4. Provider Online

This business is also pretty much done by online businesses. There are many types of services required by people and can be done online. You can be a content writer, providers of online promotional services, providers of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and others.

Those are several ways that can help you to create money from internet. You can combine some different ways to maximize your income and satisfaction. Start testing to know the ways that work. You should also learn the ways that you enjoy and keep them until you find good composition that is incredibly profitable.

Different Ways To Blog Keeping It Simple

blogging for fun

Blogging For Fun

Blogging is what peoples’ main focus to entertain others, to organize or describing events or to earn money (in most cases). According to the survey, 23% of the internet time is spent on blogs. It is basically an information or a description of a particular content being searched by the population over the internet. An important thing to remember about blogging is to target that audience who is searching such a content that is difficult to find on www.


In the late 1990’s, blogs were used to write on FTP or HTML but with the upgrades in the technology and web services, the main purpose nowadays is to write blogs to provide a unique content to readers. Another strategy played by some politicians at that time was to promote their political campaign.

How to create & start

There are multiple hosting domains that allow you to create a blog- both free or paid ones. Some famous free domains are WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger whereas the paid ones are GoDaddy, HostGator, Host monster, and Bluehost. If you are a newbie, a good way to start is to watch online tutorials about blogging as they will provide you with the best tips. After all the messy stuff, let’s come up to the point. Choose a good template, maintain your GUI, post whatever you are up to. Keep one thing in mind, attract the audience toward you. Remember! If you are seeking for a public post, read it thoroughly and just don’t hurt others.


The differentiation in the types of blogs depends on the way in which blog is written or going to appear. Some sorts of blogging are:


As the name suggests, the micro jobs are conducted through this. It is one of the simplest ways to link with others via posting little pictures, videos and mainly text over the internet. Public attraction is what the soul of microblogging. It is not just limited to communication. In business, public meetings are attended whereas celebrities use it to inform their followers about the upcoming serials, concerts or other related events. Facebook and twitter are basic microblogging platforms.

Corporate Blogging

Such blogs are typically non-public. An intercommunication within a particular group is set and is normally used for business purposes as well. Clubs often use it to transmit info among members so called corporate blogs.

Personal Blogging

One of the mostly written blogs is personal ones as they describe personal experience of an individual. You can create one of your own, or someone can create by himself/herself for you. Creating humor or a suspense is a good idea to start a personal blog. Don’t show lies and pay attention to the audience reviews about your blog too. Common practice is that you should interact with followers and your loved ones.

Reverse Blogging

An interesting technique of blogging is the reverse ones.  Many authors participate in the discussion.  Everyone is free to post here thus giving it a web forum look.


Since the population of the internet is being attracted towards blogging, so are the advertisers too. The advertisers have elevated the graph of blog users over the internet as it has become the source of earning online just by sitting at your home. For this, all you have to do is target the audience toward your blog.

Tricks To Boost Your SEO Fast

Here is a fresh tutorial of how to boost your SEO Fast!  For the past couple weeks we have been ordering information products and studying what others in the internet marketing field are up to.  We are on a new mission.


There are many ways you can use in order to make money online. It all comes down to you to focus on those methods that really work and there are always some amazing methods to be had in the online world.

Use Amazon Mechanical Turks

These are simple jobs that you can do very fast. Most of them won’t pay very well but in the end you won’t really have to spend that much time doing them either. It’s a very good time investment for sure and one that can give you some good money.

Search Craigslist

There are many one time jobs on the site and you can complete them very fast. It’s all about knowing what you can do but rest assured that if you focus on results the outcome can be nothing short of impressive. It will pay of to try and do something different all the time, but you can also specialize if you want. Either way works, so it doesn’t matter that much in the end.

Online Gambling

This can be an option but you have to ensure that you do only the legal gambling and not the illegal one. If you don’t really want to work but do want some money on the side this can be an option.

Make YouTube videos

Videos on YouTube can be a very good revenue source and they can bring in front some amazing results. Sure, the ad revenue does differ but in the end you get a very good value and that’s what you will love the most, the ability to do money from what you love.

ChaCha Guides

This is a human alternative to search engine and it works really well. It helps provide a very good value and you don’t have to spend that much time learning how to use it either. It’s a refined, reliable tool that works amazingly well so you should totally check it out when you get the opportunity to use it.

Be the middleman

You can opt for many of the referral services online as they can bring a very good value. Using them is a stellar idea and it will certainly offer some incredible possibilities. You should consider giving them a shot as you will not be disappointed.

Logo creation

If you have an inner artist, put it to work. You can get a very good value and great money from creating logos, you just need to deliver a very good quality. It will take some time to get a market for your logos, but the results can be very good in the end.

Don’t hesitate and use any of these ideas to make good money online. They are great options for extra cash and you won’t have to work that much, which in the end can be amazing to say the least. Give that a shot and you will not be disappointed!

Why Is SEO Necessary Tutorial

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Here at fresh tutorials we are starting a new focus to help bloggers build their business.  Today we want to talk about different SEO strategies to help monetize your online businesses.

There’s no denying that all companies want to use SEO nowadays, but is it a good idea, can it help you or will it just get in the way? The answer is actually very simple and it will bring in front an astounding value to say the least. SEO is a mandatory investment in the future of your business and, used properly, can bring amazing results.

It all comes down to the way you use SEO and how you want to harness its power, but there are many other reasons why this can be a very good, solid investment!

It generates leads

SEO allows you to generate a large number of leads very fast. It’s very easy to use and integrate into your own business and the results that you get from using it are simply huge. That’s what makes it stand out!

It boosts your marketing

You can invest lots of cash in ads, but with SEO you can do marketing better and without massive financial investment. It’s a very important process but one that won’t be overly expensive and you can address it in any way you want. It really is one of the ultimate ways to do online marketing on a budget for sure.

It gives better ROI

Since you won’t have to invest that much when it comes to SEO, the ROI for it will always be one of the best out there. That’s what manages to bring in front huge commitments and incredible results, all you have to do is to keep that in mind and the outcome will be extraordinary all the time.


SEO is not expensive at all, and that’s one of the reasons why you should try to invest in it immediately. It will help you improve the results of your business on a budget all while delivering a great return for your investment.

Better exposure

If you are looking for more traffic and leads, SEO can be the missing ingredient. It really works seamlessly and it enables you to boost your online exposure unlike never before. Another great benefit here is that SEO is cheap and not that complicated!

It makes the most out of social sharing

SEO can be seen as the missing link in many situations. It allows you to leverage the power of social sharing and it also helps your efforts in a variety of other marketing fields as well. With help from social media and other factors, SEO makes the experience simple and very convenient unlike never before.

So yes, SEO is very important to use and using it can be worthwhile. All you need is to focus on results and the experience will be nothing short of amazing. Try to harness the power of SEO and the results will be extraordinary all the time, you can rest assured of that.

Our Favorite Keyword Tools To Help Grow Your Business

Here at fresh tutorials our new aim is talking more about monetizing different ways to earn income online and through our tutorials we will help get that done.  As you read through this post we will link to different tools to help build any business in any niche.

There are quite a lot of keyword research tools that you can find out there, but which ones are the best for you? As always, it all comes down to your convenience but one thing is certain, using keyword research tools can be a very good experience and one that will pay off quite a lot. With that in mind, here are some of the best apps to use in this regard.

This is the best out there because it shows the competition bids as well as the keyword searches that you get on a monthly basis. It’s a reliable and very professional tool for sure and one that will definitely pay off if you want a high quality experience.

Thanks to this app you can get a variety of keywords which is great. This is not only for Google though, it can also be used for the App Store, Bing, Amazon and YouTube as well. This manages to provide you with some interesting options and that’s why you should try to check it out. Rest assured that using is a blast and it’s indeed one of the most exciting things you can do here.

Ubersuggest does a very good job at finding keywords that you just can’t see in the keyword planner. It’s a reliable, professional tool and one that manages to deliver some exciting opportunities. If you are a fan of great keywords and want to use the best, this is maybe the ultimate choice.

WordStream has a very simple tool that’s light and professional, but which works seamlessly and delivers a very good value. You will love the stellar attention to detail that it provides and in the end that’s what matters the most. You can also focus on specific niches with this tool, which can come in handy very fast.

Long Tail Pro is not free, in fact it’s a paid app that can cost a little bit, but it does feature some of the best keywords out there. It’s focusing on long tail keywords that bring a very good efficiency and that’s why you should check it out right now, as it’s well worth the time investment for sure.

Another great and simple tool, this one is a part of a large suite and it works very well. It’s an amazing and interesting keyword app that you will love to use for sure. It’s designed to deliver a very good set of results and it’s also pretty easy to customize which is a plus.

If you want to find and harness the power of the best keywords out there, this is the best tool you can use. You should totally check them out if you want the best outcome and rest assured that these are some amazing tools that can definitely provide you with a solid result in the end!